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Metamo Credit Unions become the first community lenders to offer loans under the COVID-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme. Read more…

What is Metamo?

Metamo is a newly established company comprising 16 of Ireland’s largest Credit Unions – Member Credit Unions incorporated under the name MetaCU – and Fexco in a 50:50 Joint Venture. Metamo will focus on 3 key areas:

1. Product & Technology Development

Working in collaboration with Member Credit Unions, Metamo will develop and scale viable new products and services that will power the entire Credit Union sector.

2. Access

Metamo will enable participating Credit Unions to access stronger collective bargaining power at market level.

3. Expertise

Metamo will provide access to professional expertise and dynamic services enabling Credit Unions to meet the needs of their members. Services will be available to all Credit Unions wishing to avail of them.

Metamo; empowering Credit Unions to power Communities

Credit Unions recognise the need for evolution to best serve their members and communities, and to meet the existing and future demands of the sector. The objective of Metamo is to deliver a better, stronger and sustainable future for Credit Unions in Ireland.

Metamo will address key sector needs through the provision of:

  • In-house market expertise provided by Metamo staff to Member Credit Unions
  • Research and Industry Insights, real time information informing enhanced decision making
  • Solution Development, creating increased efficiency for Credit Unions and their members
  • Leveraging the collective power of Credit Unions, Metamo will identify best in class vendors and partners for members and customers
  • Deployment and support of products and expertise for Credit Unions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Optimal process design



Metamo is driven by an ethos of Collaboration between the Member Credit Unions, those committed to a better future for themselves, their members, and their communities, and Partnership with Fexco.

In selecting a partner, one to bring enhanced commercial and technical expertise, Credit Unions recognise Fexco as a natural fit.

A global financial services organisation, one investing in the banking and payments sector, Fexco brings the scale and innovation that will drive the evolution of the Credit Unions.

Having partnered with Credit Unions for over 20 years, Fexco reflects the community ethos of the Credit Union – retaining its headquarters in Killorglin, Co. Kerry where the company was first founded 40 years ago – today employing close to 1,000 people locally and 2,300 worldwide.

Metamo Company Structure

For Member Credit Unions

Metamo will initially focus on 3 areas for potential revenue enhancement

Lending Enablement

Investments – Leveraging collective scale and building expertise

Fee Income

Through consultation with our partners, additional services and solutions that support Credit Unions will be considered, including:

  • Revenue Generation and margin management
  • Core Infrastructure
  • Process efficiencies and cost containment
  • Scaled shared service support

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